Dear future husband

You know what? i can’t really tell what life with you will be like but hear me out.We’ll probably both be very busy people.You are going to fill a large part of my life. We’ll celebrate, laugh, cry, get into mischief, support each other do all the things people close to each other do over the course of many years.

Sometimes I’ll laugh aloud at the thought of a funny moment we shared. You’ll be all that matters. I’ll always want more, a different kind of more not of stuffs but more of hand holding and meaningful conversations.

We’ll have an interesting experience as parents. We’ll raise our children teaching them general right from wrong,raise them to be better, kind, wise,smart and bold.

I’ll be a wife and a homemaker. You’ll wake up to the smell of warm canjeero which evokes something visceral from happy childhood memories. I’ll always be grateful and celebrate my blessings as your wife.

To you future husband I’ll give you the chance to really know me, I won’t hide myself from you, I’ll show you the biggest version of myself and I’ll trust you. I want you to see my unhappiness, I want you to try and make it better, I want you to see my need to be more than just your wife.

I know you’ll always be willing to listen to me whether am complaining or when I just need to talk. You’ll be such a great blessing and everyday I’ll thank God for your existence.



‘How does one overcome shyness and build confidence?’This is a question i ask myself from time to time.Am the quite type just a little shy and why shouldn’t that be okay?I am the kind of person who enjoys my own company.I’d always want to spend time alone instead of doing things with friends.

I often pushed myself to be social even when it felt exhausting.Most people think my shyness is an issue but i know it’s not i just have a sensitivity to other people.I know what it feels like to be nervous so i can be quite good at helping people feel comfortable when they aren’t on the spot.

There’s nothing wrong with being shy,i guess i just have to change the way i think and act so no hurry to overcome shyness we have to believe we are bold even though we are shy.I know being outgoing isn’t something i can easily pick up and i don’t really want to.I often have to make twice the effort in order to stand out.

Being introverted isn’t the same thing as being shy but intrestingly i possess both traits.So power to the introverts shy.